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       New Member Guide

New member eh?

So you have just created an account? Well, first of, congratulations and welcome!

However, we need to get you up to speed when it comes to rules, mindset, culture and social conventions around here.
What’s all this fuss about?
We don’t know you, and you don’t know us. That’s fine, we love new members. But you as a new member here, you have to confine to the rules and conventions around here.
It is easier if you get an overview of how things work around here now, rather than getting bashed, flamed and or banned for a reason you probably think is unreasonable.


Just as any social organization has rules and laws that regulate the group’s activities so must Evilzone, to enable it’s users to get the most out of it.
Please keep in mind that these rules are in place to protect Evilzone and you. We don’t have rules because we like to be strict or because we think it is fun. Rules must be in place to keep this place up and running.
The rules are pretty vague and are open to interpretation by the admins and moderators, this is because no set of rules can possibly predict and regulate all possible actions and outcomes. We are not rule maniacs or control freaks, bans will only be applied where it is considered necessary for the best interests of the community.

The rules

1. Be reasonable with profanity, make sure it’s only sent to where it’s justifiably due and/or in a humorous context, be civil.

2. No spam (does not need definition), one word posts or content of zero value.

3. Give due respect to the administration and moderators who keep this community up and running, this is not some sort of Internet-aristocracy, it’s just acknowledging the fact that Evilzone does not have ads, is not financed by donations, it has monthly expenses which the administration pays out of their own pocket and countless hours have been spent on developing, promoting, improving the site so all you have to do on your end is sit back and enjoy!

4. Keep trolling to the sections that allow it.

               Dress Code

In order to keep the questions, answers, discussions and other content to an acceptable level of quality we expect our members to behave in a certain manner.
To have an efficient and healthy discussion that is easy to understand for all parties, you have to write in a specific way, where all your arguments and logic is understandable for everyone, without fallacies.
Unfortunately for some, this also requires good English writing and reading skills. We understand that this is the Internet, and people connect here from all across the globe. However, try as hard as you can to write well-formulated English. We will remove your content if it is incomprehensible